This course is designed to produce Tier 1 SOC analysts

In this course, students will have up to 60 days to complete a total of nine (9) real-life incident response scenarios. The course prepares students for career as a SOC analyst by helping them to develop the muscle memory required to become fully immersed in security operations and incident response.

In addition to our bestselling, fully packed, and self-paced cyber security course, you get:

Seven (7) technical scenarios

  1. Investigating unauthorized changes
  2. Investigating suspected command execution
  3. Investigating reconnaissance activities
  4. Anomaly Detection and Investigation
  5. External Attack Against a Webserver
  6. Malware Detection and Incident Response
  7. Researching Suspicious Historical Events

Two (2) non-technical exercises

  1. Exercise 1: Data Breach Notification by an External Party
  2. Exercise 2: Responding to a Phishing Email Storm
Your 60-day Plan