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Cyber Defense Analyst

Gain knowledge, skills, abilities, competence and confidence required to thrive!

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Cyber Defense Associate

Learn all you need to know to break into the SOC

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Cyber Defense Enthusiast

Gain knowledge of cyber security essentials, threats and vulnerabilities, various security technology products, security operations, and incident response.

book 118 Lessons
book 13 hours

Remote work will open many new doors going forward, but perhaps more important than the potential to disprove the adage “Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. With remote work (and hiring) gaining widespread acceptance, opportunity should increasingly be available wherever talent can be found.”

Jeff Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman, LinkedIn (May, 2020)


“More than 1 out of every 3 available job positions in the US is currently unfilled"


Total Cybersecurity Job Openings – 504,316


Total Employed Cybersecurity Workforce – 997,058

Source: Cyberseek.org

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Are you an experienced cyber security practitioner who loves to transfer his/her knowledge?

If you love using frameworks, research papers and other relevant resources to solve common cyber security challenges in the enterprise environment, then you just may fit the bill.

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