Upgrade your skills and tap into the vast opportunities in Cyber Security

Take your first step on to the cyber security career ladder. This intensive and practitioner-focused training is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence required to protect and defend organizational information systems against cyber adversaries

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Cyber Defense Courses

Our courses gives you a lens into the real world

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Cyber Defense Starter

Discover the exciting field of cyber security and the job opportunities therein by taking this introductory course which also gives you an insight into some of the tools of the trade

book 37 Lessons
book 4hrs 2mins
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Cyber Defense Enthusiast

Seeking an internship position in cyber security? Make a statement of intent by taking this entry level course. This short training will differenciate you from peers against whom you're going to be competing

book 84 Lessons
book 9hrs 47 mins
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Cyber Defense Associate

Become market ready by understanding cyber security essentials, threats, and vulnerabilities, and mastering the art of security operations and incident response. Learners will be capable of hitting the ground running from day 1 on the job.

book 116 Lessons
book 16hrs 8 mins
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Cyber Defense Analyst

Self-paced practitioner-focused, work role-based course that prepares students for entry level roles in cyber security

book 132 Lessons
book 56hrs 15mins
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Advanced Cyber Defense Analyst

Advanced Self-paced practitioner-focused, work role-based course that prepares students for advanced professional roles in cyber security

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Cyber Security Program Auditor

The cybersecurity program auditor course provides audit/assurance professionals with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to excel in cybersecurity audits by teaching them how to conduct evaluations of a cybersecurity program and its individual components to determine compliance with established standards.

book 50 Lessons
book 9 hours

Remote work will open many new doors going forward, but perhaps more important than the potential to disprove the adage “Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. With remote work (and hiring) gaining widespread acceptance, opportunity should increasingly be available wherever talent can be found.”

Jeff Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman, LinkedIn (May, 2020)


“More than 1 out of every 3 available job positions in the US is currently unfilled"


Total Cybersecurity Job Openings – 504,316


Total Employed Cybersecurity Workforce – 997,058


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