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*This is an updated version of our popular Security Operations and Technology Solutions course on Udemy. If you’ve already taken the course on Udemy, send us completion certificate and the cost will be discounted off of whichever course you’re purchasing.

Unique Selling Points Of Our Courses

Developed by practitioners for practitioners

Every one of our instructors has been in the trenches defending organizational information systems for years

Developing Innate Abilities

Students of cyber defense analyst course develop innate abilities of a cyber security analyst by collaborating to complete multiple cyber defense projects.

Focus is beyond knowledge transfer

In addition to knowledge acquisition and retention, learners will acquire skills and abilities needed to break into and thrive in cyber security

Market Readiness

Our students become market ready upon completing our flagship cyber defense analyst course. Among other things, tudents of this course learn how to hunt for jobs, create a powerful resume, and write a compeling cover letter.

Competence and Confidence

By repeatedly solving real word cyber security challenges using the tools of the trade, learners gain the competence and confidence required to succeed as professionals

Accelerated Path

Taking our cyber defense analyst course places participants on an accelerated career developmental path. The experiental learning approach and breadth of the course speed up career development once you secure a job.

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Our courses prepare you for the real world.

Aspiring SOC Analyst


In addition to gaining good knowledge of security operations, incident response, and cross-domain security technology products, students will have up to 30 days to complete five (5) real-life incident response scenarios using a SIEM tool.

Tier 1 SOC Analyst


Students will have up to 60 days to complete a total of nine (9) real-life incident response scenarios. The course prepares students for career as a SOC analyst by helping them to develop the muscle memory required to become fully immersed in security operations and incident response.

Certified SOC Analyst


This course is designed to prepare students for a career as a SOC analyst. Attendees will have up to 90 days to complete a total of fifteen (15) real-life incident response challenges. Students who meet course completion requirements will be awarded a shareable certified SOC analyst digital badge.

Crack the Cyber Security Code


This course teaches the fundamentals of cyber security in addition to providing a structured framework for aspiring cyber security professionals. Anyone with the required level of aptitude, desire and determination can become a cyber security professional. And no, you don’t need to know coding! Take this course to determine whether cyber security is for you.

Cyber Defense Analyst

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This intensive and practitioner-focused training is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence required to protect and defend organizational information systems against cyber adversaries.


” Excellent course and well taught.

James DeVincentis

” Best overview for an entry level Security professional. “

Vijay Kumar D

” if you are standing up your own SOC or managing an existing one, I’m sure you will take away many valuable info that will help make your life easier. “

Mike O’Leary

“It was a very informative overview of the SOC which I will be transferring to soon. Great resources covered and information was explained clearly and efficiently.

Camille J Bowens

” A video course can be so interesting that i never thought of before attending this one. “

Sudipta Mondal

” This course was a massive help in understanding the different tools used in SOC.” I just wanted to use this medium to say thank you. Great resource!


This is fantastic and pragmatic information!

Scott Cutler

 This course is very nice. In so few times there were so many concepts introduced and also well explained. It’s a perfect starting point for those who want to deepen their knowledge about cyber security concept, operations and roles”.

Georgiana BUD